Mistakes that Internet users should not make

Although the world has been using computers for many years, the Internet has lost much of its appeal.

Complaints related to information security are also often heard in connection with misuse.

Researchers say that misuse of the Internet can lead to physical or mental harm.

The Internet Security Office (ESO) in Spain has revealed a number of common errors. He also said that you should avoid making mistakes in order to protect yourself from computer hackers.

Unknown triggers

One way that hackers can catch people is by sending the wrong shots. Advertising ‘Discounts’ or ‘Free Products’ can easily be used.

The hackers take the virus to pages that carry the virus, endangering users’ information security. “Think before you follow the shots,” says ESO.

Older software

Software installed on your phone or computer must be updated regularly. If left untreated, computer hackers can be exposed to dangerous viruses from time to time.

Suspicious applications

Installing apps from different websites is a security risk. There are many apps that look real but are vulnerable to viruses. And many are burdened with ignorance.

Simple password

Computer hackers break their passwords to steal users’ personal information. So ESO says, “Have a strong password.” Because easily guessed passwords endanger many.

Failure to keep a copy of the information

Not keeping a copy of the information on your computer or phone is another problem. Computer hackers charge money to return personal information. Users do not need to negotiate with hackers if they have a copy of their information.

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