How To Increase Blog Traffic?

Professional Tips for Beginner It is very difficult to bring traffic to a new blog because the domain authority and page authority of that blog or website remains zero due to which our posts do not rank in Google and we do not get organic traffic, so we should bring traffic to the new blog website  We have to use different social media tools about which we will discuss in detail today.

 In this article, we will not focus too much on organic traffic because our website or blog is new, so we cannot rank in Google, so we will focus on instant traffic, now it is not that our website is new or not in Google.  Will’s new website also ranks in Google.

 If you are a beginner blogger, then you do not need to take tension regarding traffic because on Blogging Sill you are told the genuine method which helps a blog grow.

Beginner blogger designs website also writes posts but is not able to get traffic because only the big bloggers in Google are able to bring traffic to their website and keep working hard but traffic does not come so website traffic  Keep reading this post to know how to increase.

Use Long-Tail Keyword The biggest mistake new bloggers make is that they do not use the Long-Tail Keyword and choose the short-tail keyword because they have high search volume on which they are unable to rank, so you should use the Long-Tail Keyword.  You should do it because the competition in Long-Tail Keyword is less and there are chances of your post being ranked on different keywords.

 You can use the tool to find the long-tail keyword. It provides you a list of many long-tail keywords in which you can make a modification and remove a good keyword.

Create YouTube Channel related to Blog  If you make a blog related channel on YouTube, then the biggest benefit to you will be that people will get to know you from your face and another big advantage will be that you can earn a good amount from YouTube along with Blog.

 When you make a video related to the blog on YouTube, the audience of YouTube will also visit the blog website and will read your post for a while there, which increases your chances of ranking your post in google search engine.

Write Quality Content and Seo Friendly Post Friends, in order to get top ranking in Google’s search engine, you have to write the best articles on the blog website so that visitors will stay on your post for the maximum time so that google will feel that people are interested in articles written by you, then that post  Brings Google to the top ranking as quickly as possible.

 You should also keep writing articles on your posts and also do on-page SEO of your site, by adopting all these methods, you will be able to get maximum views every month.

 Increase traffic for your Blog using Social Media is such a platform that millions of people are active where you can share the post articles written by you and bring maximum traffic to your post, for which you can.

So this is how you can start blogging in 2021 I hope you like this post