Blogger vs WordPress Which is better for blogging!

Blogger vs WordPress Which Are Good to start your own website

Good things about Blogger

1. First of all, Blogger is absolutely free.

2. Free domain is available which is

3. Free hosting is available which is Google’s hosting.

4. You can also earn money in a free blog.

 Bad things about Blogger: –

1. There is no option to add any plugins (plugins means any features of the blog are increased).

2. In this, you cannot check the Seo of your blog or article.

3. Meaning there are many things in which you do not find in blogger.

Good words of wordpress: 

1. In this, you can create whatever kind of website you want to be, like shopping website, tool website means whatever kind of mind you can make.

2. In this you can see that your article is Seo friendly or not, how much word of your article should be and you can see many more

3. In this you can install many plugins, premium themes and more and you can design the home page of your blog according to your own.

My opinion

See friends, if you are completely new in the field of blogging, then you can try blogger just to learn. If you think that I am worried about blogging lightly, then you should go to WordPress. Because in WordPress you get many times features

How to earn money by making a blog?

There are 2 good ways to earn money by creating a blog like: –

1.Google AdSense

2.Affliate marketing

Google AdSense: Google AdSense is a google product in which any person or businessman can add their product’s ad and the same ad comes on our blog and when the visitor comes to your blog, they click on the ad and with the same click AdSense gives you money. Clicking on an ad also benefits the person who has placed the ad and whose blog is running on the ad also benefits.

As much as the website, most of the internet earns money from google adsense. However, there are two types of Adsense aids, such as banner aids and video aids, banner aids are shown on the blog and video aids on YouTube.

Affiliate marketing: – Affiliate marketing means promoting the product of another company like I have a headphone. If no one knows about it, then what will the company do to run AIDS to sell its product, instead of putting AIDS on the place, but doing all these is more expensive for the company, so what does the company do now that you are my product We will give you some percent commission of that product through the blog.

If you are completely new in blogging, then I would never tell you that you should take care of affliate marketing right now because it becomes advanced lavel with a little blogging. Here, which triple product you have to recommend to the people that they should buy the product, it should also come from you.

The power in affliate marketing is so much that you can earn thousands of rupees from just one cell, here it does not matter how much traffic comes to your blog, but it also matters how well you are recomenned to the people.

Now it has become related to the blog, but now the question comes, whether to create a blog on wordpress or on blogger, I will tell you that you should say that.