How can I earn money at home?

Hello dear brother, Today I will explain all the legal and possible ways to earn money and I think that you intend to earn through the Internet, but before I start, I want to tell you that there is no easy way to earn money in this world and everyone who tells you that is lying to you, so you must strive to reach What you want and you can reach a point where you do not need to work much, but after diligence in the beginning.

1. Create a blog

can earn money through blogging after creating your own site in two ways:
1. The first is through Google ads
2. The second is through affiliate marketing
The blogging process is not easy and consumes a long time, so do not expect a quick return from it, and your content must be useful and convincing The reader has the

advantages of making money through blogging:
1- Diligence is great in the beginning, but after the blog becomes famous, earning money through it becomes very easy, with amounts exceeding $ 1000 per month
2- You do not need much experience to become a blogger because you can choose the field that you like. The

  • defects:
  • difficult in the beginning and time-consuming
  • 2 – You need an initial cost in order to buy the name of the site and hosting

2- Creating a YouTube channel,

which is the most popular way to make money from the Internet at the present time. Whether you choose the field you love, and start shooting right away. Do not wait until you become a professional in how to shoot and prepare videos, but start immediately if this is your desire and remember that the most important thing about YouTube videos is the sound and not the image. 

You can use regular phone microphones to start or buy inexpensive professional microphones to get started
And I recommend the famous microphone used by most of the famous YouTuber called Rode NT-USB, and I advise you to buy from AliExpress, as they have direct dealings with manufacturers and thus be cheaper than what is found on the Amazon site. And they have a $ 2 discount for new buyers. You can view it for yourself at the following link:

3- Create a Facebook page:

It is a relatively new method. Facebook is currently trying to compete with YouTube with a payment system similar to YouTube. But you need to reach 10,000 fans for your page and 30,000 hours to watch any system similar to what you need to start earning money from YouTube, but you should pay attention that posting content and getting likes on Facebook is relatively easier than YouTube. 

And if you want to speed up the process, you should use the Facebook ads themselves to reach the largest number of viewers, which may cost you about $ 10 a month. And if you do not have the budget, try to spread your content by joining the largest number of groups. Because of Facebook groups, post access is easier than pages. 

It is something intended by the Facebook administration to force page owners to pay for ads. I have a page that I am trying hard to deliver to the required number. You can visit it if you want from the following link:

4- Set up an online store.

You can do this through store hosting companies such as
Shopify and e-commerce,
but you will need to pay for hosting. Frankly, I do not recommend this method for beginners because it depends on selling products yourself, and therefore it will not guarantee that you will get money every month.

There are in short some of the methods I did not want to go into details about. You can choose a method from it, and I will give you more details about it, and with hope, my dear brother,
we are all here to help you