The difference between Visa Card and Master Card

Credit cards

In recent times in the era of technology, it has become common to use credit cards in payments and purchases instead of cash. These cards are a credit card that takes a rectangular shape and is made of plastic, and the difference between it and the debit card is that the amount paid is not deducted from the bank account directly, but rather It is deducted from the supplying company in the form of a credit amount and is paid once a month. The companies with the card also allow the payment of the amount of the debited cash, in whole or in part, with the imposition of bank interest on the retail payment.

By the year 1920 AD, American companies issued cards to facilitate the payment process for the user, and one of the most common types of credit cards used are Visa, Master, and Euro cards, where these cards bear the name of the cardholder and her account number, and the types of credit cards are classified into bank cards, the account card, the civil card, ATM card, secured credit card, smart cards and more.

Visa card

Visa Card A multinational company, Visa Inc., offers pre-paid Visa cards that give the user the ability to pay when buying and shopping online or using them to pay in major stores, and they are the best option for buying online, and they are characterized by the presence of numbers consisting of sixteen digits in addition to the security code To allow the user to shop, and to ensure their money with a secret code.

It is noteworthy that the Visa card is not associated with a specific bank, as it can be extracted from any local or international bank, or through an approved intermediary for this, and the Visa card activates PayPal automatically and completely as it enables the user to receive and send money to him easily and easily. You can also buy with it and ship it via Paypal.

Master Card

Master Card is one of the most commonly used types of credit cards issued by the American company MasterCard Worldwide, and it provides the user with a system for payment this card, and the Master Card includes two types of cards: Credit Card and Debit Card, and the card-issuing company gives the ability to charge the card with money or withdraw it. Via an ATM machine, as long as the latter carries the Master Card mark; That is, it is capable of being withdrawn with this, and it is most common in international airports.

MasterCard is easy to use, and they can also activate the PayPal account, as this is done by registering on the PayPal website and opening your own account there, and then linking your account and the card with this to facilitate the process of withdrawing money and buying through it.

The difference between Visa Card and Master Card

The difference between the Visa and the Master card lies in terms of the issuing party, a multinational company issues a visa card, while the master card is issued by an American company, and in terms of activation via PayPal, the MasterCard is not fully activated through it, as for the Visa card, this is done.