How to install signal private messenger App | the most secure messenger for everyone 2021

One of the big problems that we face in the era of technology is the privacy problem, so you always find users looking for applications to be safe for their use and not to penetrate their privacy, in messaging you find that privacy in applications is largely ineffective, such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, so the need for a messaging application has always been It combines the preservation of user privacy with free instant messaging, and here appeared the Signal Private Messenger application, we will explain about it in detail and we will provide a link to download the Signal program for Android for free.

What is Signal Messenger?

The origin of the application was for Whisper Systems, which previously launched two Android applications, the first called TextSecure and was specialized in encrypting text messages, and the other was RedPhone for encrypting text calls, and the company was later sold to Twitter in 2011.

In the year 2013, one of the founders of the company called Moxie Marlinspike separated from Twitter and created an entity called Whisper Systems and took it upon himself to develop the two previous applications. Signal Foundation with the aim of developing the application into a free open source application signal Messenger is characterized by maintaining the confidentiality of users ‘information and does not share it with any other party, unlike the WhatsApp program, which implemented a new policy in 2021, which is sharing users’ data between WhatsApp and Facebook and violating their privacy.

How to operate a special Signal Messenger
If you encounter a problem that the application is not installed after downloading the link, to solve the problem go to: Solve the problem of the application is not installed

As with any messaging application, logging into the Signal Private Messenger program is done through your phone number, so enter your phone number with the international introduction and then a code will be sent to your number to confirm that this number is yours After that you will prepare your personal file consisting of your name and a picture of you, this information will be shown to the people whom you will contact.

Add your personal information After that, to increase privacy, you will create your own personal identification number consisting of 6 digits, after each period of time you will be asked to confirm it, until it is confirmed that you are the owner of this account.

Is signal messenger app Safe?
Perhaps if you heard about this program recently, it will haunt you this question, and in order to answer this question, the application is completely safe, and on the contrary it is more secure than WhatsApp, because the idea of ​​the application’s work is based on comprehensive encryption that works through the open source Signal Protocol, and this feature means All incoming and outgoing calls and messages are encrypted at all times. In addition, the ID feature that was previously explained increases the security of the Signal Android app.

Signal for Android features
Voice and video calls
Like any communication program, you will be able to make voice and video calls for free, and what distinguishes it is that even in the presence of weak Internet, you will still be able to make voice and video calls.

One of the most prominent features in this application is the presence of the night mode, you can activate it from the settings, then the appearance, then choose a dark theme.
You can activate the feature to delete messages after the second party receives them at a certain time, which means that the incoming and outgoing messages will disappear after the time that you specified from seeing them. To activate this from within the conversation, choose the hidden messages and then select the time when the messages will disappear.

Send files and media
You can send all kinds of files, pictures and videos to any of your friends on the Signal Android app.

Download from playstore

Apk file here

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