Which apps are causing problems on your mobile?

There is no phone app that does not load me at this time. It looks like the world itself is getting caught up in phone apps. From blood pressure measurements to language tutorials, calendars, breakfast orders, taxi calls, bank account transfers; There is no such thing as a phone app.

The temptation is to separate the false from the true. Let us help you with this! Installing the following three phone apps is like installing Trouble on your phone.

Here are some fake apps that can make your phone unhealthy.

1. Those who say we will extend battery life
Mobile battery is like a language; He is born, he grows up, he dies. The difference is how fast he dies. In this regard, the originality and service life of the battery is a key issue.


At times, the battery may run out of gas and cause a lot of trouble. At this point, it will be interesting to see an app that will extend your battery life. He says, “Put it on me.” Don’t rush! there are no apps that can save battery life,” says technology journalist Eric Herman.

Instead, the solution to prolong battery life is to temporarily shut down apps that consume a lot of data. Slightly unnecessary apps drain the battery from behind. It is no exaggeration to say that you are consuming your phone’s brightness, internet data, and Wi-Fi switch battery. Put your phone in the “Night Mode” or “Battery Save” command.

Another solution is to go into battery configuration and look at the details that are consuming battery life and keep that in mind.

2. Apps that will clean your phone

Apps that claim to clean your phone are usually false. In fact, they are exposed to the virus. The “Clean Master” application is the main one. According to Spanish technologist Jose García, the app “Clean Master” slows down the phone and encourages us to install more apps to highlight its market.

Do not leave your cell phone in the sun

If your phone has a fever, it means there is a problem. Telephone fever can occur for a variety of reasons. If exposed to sunlight for long periods of time, If infected with a virus: Or if the battery is unhealthy or has been in use for several hours without a break, the phone may explode.

Phone overheating:
This usual problem can be related to the previous problem. Phone overheating is sometimes related to your phone’s battery problems. However, the overheating can also be related to your charger and where your phone is usually located. If you are facing this issue, it should be resolved soon as the battery and screen of your phone can be severely damaged.

Phone apps that claim to solve this problem are fake. They do not solve it. In fact, they even increase the fever. If you want your phone to work in a new way, turn it off.

Remember the following for your phone’s overall health

• When installing apps on your phone, only download from reputable phone stores. Apple Store and Google Store are well known.

• Beware of apps whose file names end up in the APK

• Beware of apps that praise themselves for doing a miracle

• Update your phone regularly by updating it