How To Recover Permanently Deleted Facebook Messages on Messenger

Retrieve permanently deleted Facebook messages by phone
Facebook archives the content of personal accounts such as Messenger messages, and Facebook stores and archives Facebook messages for each personal account, and you can retrieve them whenever you want, and here we will learn about how to retrieve permanently deleted Messenger messages from your Facebook account, through two methods available on mobile without using Computer.

Make sure of archived Facebook messages
First, you must make sure whether the messages you are looking for are archived or not, and to make sure of that, it is very simple:

Browse your Facebook account from any browser
Go to the message list from this link and click on View archived messages as shown in the image
Retrieve permanently deleted Facebook messages
All archived messages will appear but not among your other messages
Retrieve permanently deleted Facebook messages through archived content

In the event that messages and conversations have been deleted from your Facebook account, there is a way to download archived content, which will enable you to retrieve messages deleted from Messenger, in addition to downloading old posts and photos that passed to your Facebook account, follow the following steps to do so:

  • Open your Facebook account on the browser or the official app, then go to the options, then choose the settings.
  • Recover permanently deleted Messenger messages
  • Slightly down and select the Download info option.
  • Download your information

You will see an option to request a copy of your account information. You can choose what you want, but in the event that you only want to download messages, you can select individual messages or download all data.
Recover deleted messages from Messenger

After selecting the messages and data that you want to download as an HTML file, you can choose the date of these messages for example below for a more accurate determination.
After you finish click Create File.
You will see the last window that will inform you that the copy is being created according to the date you have specified, then you will receive a notification after the copy is ready for download.
How to retrieve deleted messages from Facebook from mobile

After preparing your information, download it, it will be a zip file. Decompress it, and open the file via the HTML file player.
After retrieving the permanently deleted Facebook or Messenger messages in the form of an HTML file, they cannot be returned to the Facebook or Messenger application, and this means that they are only valid for reading, like all other data that can be recovered, such as retrieving old posts, photos, and Facebook activity histories such as likes And comments, as well as old conversations, and more.