How To Start Coding: A Practical Guide For Beginners 2021

I saw some people in the group who wanted to learn to code, and I often met some of my classmates who said they wanted to learn to code.

Some liberal arts students who did not understand programming felt that programming might be ambiguous and those who were involved in programming knew the flavor. I haven’t learned programming in a long time, but I have been learning to code for over three years now. I am mainly self-taught, and currently in development, and here I am only going to talk about my personal views on how to learn to code.

If you just want to learn a few things about programming and are not ready to get involved in programming, you can learn Python, which is a relatively simple language. Professional development, now you can also learn Python, many deep learners are using Python, and Python development salary is on the rise.
  1. Know all kinds of programming languages, it does not matter if you have not used them, or know the characteristics of programming languages ​​in general, or consult with some professionals or use Google, and do not discuss the difference between good and bad languages ​​with programmers and with professional programmers when it comes to programming, Just learn to listen.
    There is no good or bad personal preference
  1. Choose a language you are interested in, a language recommended by everyone, such as Python, and start learning. When choosing a language, it is best to ask clearly: Why should I learn to code? If the goal is to train your own way of thinking. then it will be difficult for you to advance, programming is just a tool, and you have to know what you want to do.

Want to create a simple website? Still want to write some computer control scripts? I still want to simplify some of my special work tasks, by programming to analyze the data you have, what kind of impact is being achieved, etc.

  1. After choosing your goals, you can buy some introductory books that everyone recommends, I think the books from Packet Hub are good, and so are the books from O’Reilly. Broadview books related to IT, choose the good books which are mainly recognized, there is no need to specially choose new books. It’s been programmed for decades and hasn’t changed much. Just published in recent years.
  2. Find the language course you want to learn on MOOC or other learning platforms, learn from the books you have purchased, then practice more and play more. Learn the grammar and knowledge points of the programming language of your choice.
  3. Pay attention to your goals and what you want to do. When you learn to a certain level, you can search through Google or Baidu, how to use these programming languages ​​to achieve something, then there are a lot of solutions to use.
  4. Achieve your goals with the scheme that you chose, and you have already started at this time.