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Do you know how to protect yourself when using WhatsApp?

1.5 billion WhatsApp users are shocked by the attacks on WhatsApp.

You also ask, “How can I secure my information? You may have thought.You are particularly vulnerable if you are a journalist, human rights activist or lawyer. We will tell you the precautions to take when using WhatsApp.

  1. Update

Many were shocked to learn that hackers were using WhatsApp to install a spy app this week.

• WhatsApp has repeatedly blocked message sharing

The attack was announced earlier this month. According to Facebook security sources, the spy app was installed using WhatsApp voicemail.

Upon learning of the attack, WhatsApp asked users to re-install the WhatsApp app.

You also need to update your WhatsApp app regularly to protect yourself.

Although WhatsApp messages cannot be seen outside of you and the recipient of the message; Hackers target messages they exchange. So remember to protect yourself by updating.

  1. Buck up, be careful when you’

Although WhatsApp messages are expected between you and the recipient, If you back up the message to Google Drive, a gap will be created.

WhatsApp does not secure the backup message. So if someone can access your Google Cloud, they will receive the messages.

• WhatsApp is in trouble in China

If you want to protect your messaging, order WhatsApp not to back up your messages.

You can go to ‘Settings’ and turn off ‘Chat Backup’.

  1. The Faculty Autonomy
    ‘The Faculty Authentication’ is a way to secure your information.

It is a way to find out the true identity of people trying to use various apps, including WhatsApp.

• Have you learned about the cost of internet on your mobile phone?

Users first enter their name and enter a password. You can also verify your identity by sending a message to a mobile phone.

  1. Control your wattage

WhatsApp and other apps have security settings. Go to ‘Settings’ on WhatsApp and select ‘Account’ and you will get various options.

• As we head to the hidden WhatsApp village

‘Last Sin’ is an option where you can report or hide the last time you used WhatsApp. You can also notify and hide your photo or location.

One way to keep your information secure is to select the people you send messages to and the people who watch your WhatsApp activity.

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