Did you learn about the cost of mobile internet? Make these adjustments on your mobile

Ethio Telecom has an estimated 60 million customers. Of these, about 17 million use the Internet on their mobile phones.

Many agree that Ethio Telecom is one of the most cost-effective internet service providers in the world.

You may be wondering, “Where is the internet I just bought?” “Where did I fill out the card today?”

Let us show you how to reduce your internet costs by making some adjustments to your Android and iOS phones.

First of all, what are Android and iOS?

Android is an application system used by Google for various mobile devices. For example, mobile phones such as Samsung, Huawei, LG, and Techno use the Android operating system.

IOS is developed by Apple and is an operating system used by iPhone, iPad and iPad critics.

Let us show you how we can significantly reduce our internet costs by making simple adjustments to our daily applications such as Facebook and WhatsApp.


Recently, Facebook has allowed videos to be played on their own time. This uses a lot of data. To Automatic Video Autoplay off

On Android phones, follow Setting and Privacy> On Data Saver.

On iPhone, follow Setting> Media and Contact> Video and Photos> Auto-play> On Wi-Fi connections only ) On.

You can also download the Facebook Lite app from Google Play, which uses a small amount of data on Android phones.

Alternatively, you can reduce the cost of data by using Internet Browser Apps, such as Opera Mini, instead of using Facebook.

Remember that when you use Facebook with Facebook light or apps, you can reduce Facebook attractiveness and options.


How many insurance groups are there? You are using a lot of mobile data to say that the photos and videos you send to WhatsApp are in the Photo Gallery. Follow this to reduce the amount of data that WhatsApp uses.

Open WhatsApp Settings> Data and Storage Usage> Select Media Auto Download Options> When using Mobile Data, select ‘No Media’ (No Media) ” Change it to ”.

To reduce the cost of data used by WhatsApp, you can select Low Data Usage under Call Setting.


Watching videos on YouTube takes a lot of data. If you need to watch video on mobile data, you can reduce the amount of HD (720p) data you can get by up to 60 percent by clicking on the setting icon at 240p or 144p.

Alternatively, if you have a video copyright license, you can download your favorite video from YouTube and watch it over and over again for 30 days without internet.

Updating Apps

Apps installed on our phones will be updated by their creators at various times with new versions. Using mobile data to improve the apps costs a lot of internet. Therefore, it is recommended that you upgrade to Wi-Fi only.

Follow the following steps to use WiFi only to upgrade apps.

On Android phones, turn on Google Play Store> Setting> Auto-update apps> Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only.

Turn off Setting> iTunes & App Stores> Use Mobile Data on iPhone phones.

Reduce the amount of data our general phone can use

If your phone uses the Android application system, you can restrict Internet usage by making the following adjustments to your phone.

Setting> Network & Internet> Data Usage> Data Saver>