How to start freelancing in Ethiopia from scratch? beginner’s guide

A question asked by everyone who wants to start freelancing as a freelancer, because in the era of the Internet, freelance work has become very popular, perhaps because many of us have tired of working full time and are looking for an alternative to get him out of the boring routine and at the same time reap financial profits, but the question remains What prevents me from moving forward in this field is how do I start freelancing from scratch?

How to start freelancing?

How to start freelancing from scratch online – a beginner’s guide
If you really want to start freelancing and do not know where to start, in this comprehensive guide you will learn how to start freelancing from scratch without any prior experience.

Choose the right field for you
There are many areas in which you can provide your services as a freelancer over the Internet, and these are the most important:

Graphic design.
Translation services.
Content writing services.
Programming services.
Online Marketing Services.
This is a list of the main services that you can start from scratch, and there are many other services, but these are only the main services that you can start with as a freelancer over the Internet.

It is very important when you choose one of these fields to choose the field closest to your talent, preferably if you have previous experience in the field that you will choose.

Learn and take training courses in your field

First take training courses in your field

There are several sites on the Internet that offer free and paid courses that teach people how to operate Freelancer freelance work on the Internet, and here are 3 main sites that you can take courses on them to learn any of the areas we mentioned before:

First site: Udemy
The Udemy platform is considered one of the most successful self-learning platforms on the internet for up to the hour, due to its countless number of paid and free courses as well, and this platform includes an important percentage of trusted knowledge makers who provide reliable content and knowledge compared to other platforms.

The site has courses in all fields, and it has free and paid courses. The beautiful thing about the site is that in some courses you get a notarized certificate after completing the course provided by the best universities in the world.

If you are going to start learning any of these areas, will be a very excellent option for you, because the site has courses in all areas divided by level, whether your level is beginner, intermediate, or even advanced.

These are among the best platforms to learn any skill, you can choose any other platform that you think is suitable for you and start developing your skills in the field that you want to become a professional to start working as a freelancer.

Focus on your chosen field and develop it permanently
After choosing the area closest to you, you must focus on it intensively at the beginning, in order to reach a stage that qualifies you to start working meaningfully.

Focus on your chosen field

You must develop it permanently and continuously. Because the skill that is not monitored at least once a month is subject to obsolescence, and this is logical, in light of the permanent changes and techniques that can always be used to increase productivity and efficiency at work, regardless of the skill that is used.

For example, if you work in the field of editing or translation, start translating articles or topics on a voluntary basis immediately and try to publish them on your own blog or on one of the appropriate sites.

Or, if you are a designer, start creating designs without a specific client’s request. Build an exhibition of your work on the Behance site, for example, in a way that reflects your interest and professionalism at work.

Build a network
It is very important that you build a network of relationships with other freelancers within your field of specialization or other than yours. Try to benefit from their expertise and learn from them work methods and techniques, and try to consult them on matters related to your specialization.

It is also important to build a network of potential clients or companies that you want or aspire to work with. Focus on their requirements and needs, study them well, and take them into account while providing your services or presenting them in an attractive way.

Learn the basics of marketing in general and self-marketing in particular
This skill is very necessary in the early stages of work, you must present yourself in an attractive and convincing manner to potential clients, and you must market your services and convince clients that you choose you without many independent competitors other than you.

Create a website to market your business
The site confirms that you are working in a professional manner, it is not required at the beginning that you create a complex site and you need a designer and developer to work with you, the important page where you write basic information about you, your services you provide, and the prices of the services you provide.

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